To fight the New Corona Virus and help our community stay safe, MeetMonk is making its platform free for a month to be used by anyone for their personal or business needs.


MeetMonk is very flexible and needs minimal infrastructure setup.  You need a laptop/desktop with webcam/tablet/smart phone with internet connection to be able to join the meetings.  However, the platform is capable of integrating with TV, Projector, High resolution cameras, and attached microphones seamlessly

The MeetMonk platform comprises the following:

  • BYOD:  Bring Your Own Device - With SMARTMeeting™ you can use any device to communicate.  Just open the meeting in the app or a web browser and viola!  You are connected.
  • HD Quality: It is integrated with full screen HD quality video and audio meetings for clear collaboration.
  • The platform is already compatible with thousands of external devices such as YogaPad, ScratchPad etc. for seamless drawing or handwriting to use in collaboration tool.
In order to make a meaningful interaction, we recommend a maximum of 20 channels at the same time.  For higher numbers, it can be customized as per requirement. Please contact our enterprise sales team.
MeetMonk is browser based. It will work very well on Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera. You may need to install a plugin for the screen-share option.
Completely secure.  The website is protected with https encryption.  Your video, audio, whiteboard, and file share inputs are encrypted at the source before leaving your computer or phone.  It is decrypted at the receptor’s computer.  It is highly secured against hacking.
The website is hosted on AWS cloud.  It is a secured and high performance cloud base.  The advantage of cloud hosting includes the ability to auto-scale based on demand.  Also, it has inbuilt security features for safe communication.

MeetMonk is a peer to peer communication platform, with a robust and advanced suite with enhanced collaboration tools integrated with it.  It is a plugin-free online platform that allows professionals to connect LIVE with their audience, ranging from small businesses to large companies, from vocational institutions to higher educational school. It is a very effective medium for communicating with large masses seamlessly.

  • One Click Meeting: Start your meeting easily by clicking on a meeting link on Chrome, Firefox or Opera without any need to install anything.
  • External Device for writing: Any compatible external device can be integrated
  • Quality: Audio, Video, Whiteboard, and Fileshare all are of HD quality.
MeetMonk platform offers the following wonderful features:

  • Audio/Video: Participants can see and talk to each other through the platform as if they are sitting across the table in the same room.
  • Whiteboard: Use the whiteboard to draw and share sketches, illustrate your ideas, create a pan and do more during the meeting
  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with the ability to choose a specific desktop or browser window.
  • Document Sharing: Collaborate with each other by writing and editing shared notes during the meeting
MeetMonk is next generation audio video conference technology. It runs natively in most of current web browsers. It is built using WebRTC which includes collection of communication protocols and application program interface (API) that enable real time communication over peer to peer connections.
The big advantage of this is that we can provide encrypted peer-to-peer conversation directly in the web browser without the need for any third-party software installations such as Flash or Java. WebRTC is being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). W3C is the very same standard body that has also defined the standards for HTML, including the now widely used HTML 5 technology.
Unfortunately, Microsoft has only recently joined the W3C efforts to create a worldwide standard for browser based real-time communication. Initially, Microsoft worked on their own standard called CU-RTP but were not able to successfully convince the other members of that consortium to adopt it as a standard. This is the reason why Microsoft is lagging the other major web browser producers namely Google, Mozilla and Opera.  Microsoft Edge browser will probably be compatible with our platform in near future.