Group Meetings

This allows multiple users to come together and share high-definition video, audio, chat messages, and screen contents. This is a seamless platform that works on a browser and does not need to install any plugin or software.

Please register, open your dedicated room and you are good to go. You can use your logo and background for your branding.


Want to reach a wider audience? Want to publish your meetings? Please use MeetMonk's webinar platform with added chat and screenshare features to make your video and contents available to anyone anywhere across the globe.


Feature Comparison

HD Video and Audio – HD quality
output with options to mute webcams
Multiple video participants - unlimited
number of webcams during a meeting
Collaborative – Host and participants
can share their contents simultaniously
Rich Multimedia And Screenshare– Share animations,
images, audio and HD video.

Can Share even Youtube videos
Records meetings – Also able
to edit afterward, which enables viewer to skip to the relevant
topic they are looking for
High security
Browser based - No software
download necessary.  Runs on Web browsers
Device compatibility - Consistent
experience across devices
Virtual whiteboard – Same virtual
whiteboard that all participants can access and update
Offer White Labelling
Pricing         Lowest Of ALL

price & plans

Contact MeetMonk Sales for a price quote catering to your requirements. Customized Corporate Plan can have unlimited hosts and participants.

Starter Plan

For companies with very low usage

  • Up to 20 licenses
  • Parallel meetings not available
  • Limited to 6 hours per day
  • Low bandwidth and no server storage

Pro Plan

For companies with very low usage

  • Up to 50 licenses
  • Concurrent Parallel meetings available
  • 8 hours per day
  • High bandwidth and 50GB highly secured server space
  • Tech Support

Elite Plan

For companies with advanced or complex requirements

  • Up to 200 licenses
  • Any number of concurrent Parallel meetings available
  • 12 hours a day
  • Ultra-high bandwidth and 250 GB highly secured server space
  • Complete Live recording of all the video streaming
  • Immediate customer service and tech support
  • Free upgrades

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